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*** Le Monde Est En Flammes (The World Is Burning) is a hip hop project that consists of Daisy Chain from Athens, Ben Dana from Bremen and Refpolk from Berlin and started in summer 2016. Each member raps in their own language which means that the result includes Greek, French and German. Their goal is to bring together activism and hip hop. The members of Le Monde Est En Flammes are not writing only political songs but are also active as a part of a movement that stands for solidarity and self-organizing. In addition to their music, lyrics and actions, they are part of the project In.Flammen that is building up a political hip hop network between Greece and Germany. The music of Le Monde Est En Flammes is resistance and attack in order to live in utopia. Info in German, French, Greek, Castellano:…


Daisy Chain

Ben Dana


BEAT Πένθιμος Clown (Penthimos Clown) PRODUCING & MIXING LeijiONE


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